Departmental Compliance

Students in each nursing program must attain and meet departmental compliance requirements throughout their program of study. Each student is required to order an account with the department compliance software vendor. Each program has set deadlines for attaining compliance and compliance must be maintained throughout the program to ensure continuance in coursework.

MSNOctober 31
RN to BSNNovember 1
BSNMay 1
  • Departmental compliance requirements are available on the Compliance Checklist.
  • Departmental forms are available on the students page and available through the compliance software vendor.
  • Program handbooks provide more detail on departmental policies and are available on each program's page.

When admitted to the program, students will be sent information regarding orientation session(s) for their program of study. These are often provided virtually to allow for flexibility of attendance. Compliance requirements are reviewed in detail to assist students getting started. Upon admission each student is added to a cohort AsULearn project site where all compliance instructions and information is maintained.

For more details regarding compliance questions, contact Dr. Becki Turpin, Director of Compliance and Student Support.