Appalachian State University's Department of Nursing will provide evidence-based nursing education in an intellectually stimulating and challenging environment that is designed to prepare the professional nurse with the knowledge and skills needed to practice in diverse settings in a highly complex health care system.


The mission of the Department of Nursing at Appalachian State University is to advance our students’ cultural, intellectual, and personal development in order to prepare them for professional practice as registered nurses. This mission is achieved through the efforts of faculty committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. A broad in-depth curriculum builds on the study of arts, humanities, mathematics, natural and social sciences, and standards for professional nursing practice. Graduates serve their community by applying research and principles of education in their practice of nursing. 



Nursing is a practice discipline that provides a vital and distinctive service to global society through utilization of principles from nursing, physical, biological, and social sciences, arts, humanities and mathematics to assist individuals, families, groups, communities and populations achieve an optimal level of health. The focus is on holistic health through evidence based practice and patient centered care. Professional nursing care is predicated on effective communication and critical thinking skills, current knowledge for evidence-based practice, technical and assessment skills, the nursing process, and a code of professional ethics. Nurses are vital members of the collaborative healthcare team and practice in multiple and diverse environments, to promote optimal healthy functioning of persons.


Each person is a holistic being who embodies inherent dignity and worth, and the right to self- determination. The focus of nursing care is persons as individual, family, groups, communities and populations. There is a synergistic relationship among person, nursing, health, and environment


Health is defined by the perception of each person. Health is viewed holistically and includes the way persons interact with their environment.


Environment provides the context for human life, internal and external. The combined influences of the external and internal environments determine the growth and development of persons and their state of health.

Nursing Education

Nursing education encompasses scholarly inquiry and evidence based practice to prepare professionals to enhance well-being and healthcare outcomes for individuals, families, groups, communities and/or populations.

Faculty appreciate each student’s uniqueness and accommodating each student’s learning needs, the faculty believe students are responsible for their own learning and invite them to engage in a dynamic, interactive, educational process. Nursing Education is a mutual endeavor in which students and faculty share, pursue, and generate knowledge in a collaborative setting.