Who will review my transcipts?

For all transcript reviews for the RN to BSN program, please email distance@appstate.edu. 

What do I do to prepare for admission to the RN to BSN program?

Students should gather all required documents and transcripts and apply through Distance Education at Appalachian State University.  Students must complete all pre-requisite classes prior to admission in the RN to BSN program.

How is student advisement structured to help me plan for a degree in nursing at Appalachian State University?

Students are assigned to advisors in Distance Education when they are admitted to Appalachian State University for the RN to BSN program. Once the student enters the RN to BSN program, faculty interact with students and are available via appointments or during virtual office hours.

How will I know if courses that I have taken at other colleges will transfer?

Appalachian State University does not allow nursing courses to transfer into the RN to BSN program.  Other pre-requisite courses are reviewed by Distance Education.

Must I have completed all of the general education requirements prior to submitting my application to the BSN program?

Yes, it is required that all requirements are completed prior to admission.

How many students are accepted each year?

The RN to BSN nursing program enrolls approximately 150 students per year into each cohort.

Are scholarships available?

Students are advised to contact the financial aid office for assistance for a full assessment of available individual options for assistance. In addition, the North Carolina General Assembly offers Forgivable Education Loans for Service. Nursing students for all degrees are eligible to apply for this forgivable loan. 

What are the clinical courses like?

Non-traditional clinical requirements are built into each course. For example, you may be asked to perform a head to toe assessment on an adult client or perform a community windshield survey or teaching project.


What are the North Carolina Corsortium for Clinical Education and Practice Requirements?  (Beginning with 2018-2019 cohort)

Students admitted to the RN-BSN program are required to be in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Appalachian State University Department of Nursing and the North Carolina Consortium for Clinical Education and Practice (NCCCEP).  While RN-BSN students do not participate in traditional clinical hours, they do complete an evidence based research project in NUR4032 Professional Nursing Synthesis.  This course is taught in the final semester of the program.  

These requirement were developed due to quality and safety initiatives at a vast majority of the North Carolina healthcare facilities. Students in Appalachian State University’s RN-BSN programs are required to be “onboarded” as a nursing student at their place of employment or chosen alternative placement in order to complete their project or practicums.  This process may or may not include the need for an affiliation agreement (contract) between Appalachian State University and the specific facility.

Students will receive information at the beginning of the academic year in a MANDATORY ONLINE ORIENTATION session.  Information will include a variety of important topics related to the program and compliance requirements.   Meeting the Appalachian State University and NCCCEP compliance requirements students will require the creation of a CastleBranch™ account for completion and housing of most of the requirements.  Students will be given specific information on this process.

As mentioned above, students will complete an evidence-based research project in their NUR 4032 Professional Nursing Synthesis course.  This project is most often completed in the student’s place of employment.   We will need to verify affiliation agreements (contracts) status between Appalachian State University and your facility.  Students are required by their employer to complete documents which that will allow them to complete the assignments.   This process will “onboard” them in the facility as a student.  Appalachian State University Department of Nursing will work with the clinical education /student programs liaisons at the sites to facilitate the process.

The following are currently required:

1.  Additional program specific requirements and signature documents for the Appalachian State University Nursing Department will be provided to the students at the beginning of Fall semester and maintained in the students’ file.

2.  Students will provide the Appalachian State University Department of Nursing RN-BSN program information on their place of employment, unit, manager and contact information by November 1 .  Should students change employment, they must provide updated information to the program.

Students in the RN-BSN program who are not employed will need to contact the Appalachian State University Undergraduate Programs Director, Dr. Jean Bernard, by November 1.

3. A physical exam and Safety and Technical Standards assessment by healthcare provider. Only Appalachian State University forms will be accepted.   The forms are found in the Student Handbook.  These documents are maintained in your Appalachian State University file, not the CastleBranch system. Submission required by November 1.

4.  By November 1, the student will create a CastleBranch account and submit to their system the documentation of the following Immunizations/TB testing/Titer(s):

  • MMR:2 doses or titers for Rubeola, Mumps, and RubellaVaricella: 2 doses or titer for Varicella
    • Rubeola, Rubella, and Mumps: CDC-(MMWR, 2/3/2012, Vol.61/No. 4).  Documentation of 2 doses of MMR unless there is a medical contraindication to the vaccine. The routine second dose of MMR vaccine is administered a minimum of 28 days after the first dose for healthcare workers or documented proof of disease history, serology evidence of immunity
  • Initial TB/PPD: 2 step process within the last 12 months or QuantiFERON TB test
  • Annual TB screening once initial 2 step process complete:
    • Annual TB Skin Test (Mantoux Method) or QuantiFERON TB test
    • If the PPD is positive, submit physician documentation, a chest x-ray negative for TB Disease (should be within 5 years), and the individual is asymptomatic of TB. The TB/PPD positive students will need to complete complete annual assessment questionnaire) or QuantiFERON TB test.
  • Hepatitis B: 3 doses and titer for Hepatitis B or formal declination of Hepatitis B
  • Tdap: first available in 2005.   Required to have a booster Tdap at 10 year date.     
  • Influenza:  Vaccine is required each year and specific information regarding type, documentation and accepted date range for administration will be provided by the Appalachian State University Department of Nursing.  The only exceptions are documented exemptions approved according to individual facility guidelines.

 5.  By November 1, the student will submit to the CastleBranch system the documentation of Basic Life Support/CPR: Maintains and provides proof of American Heart Association CPR certification.

 6.  By November 1, the student will submit to the CastleBranch system the documentation The NCAHEC Online Core Orientation: this must be completed by all students and faculty participating in the clinical experience annually.  The URL address for the core orientation for students and faculty will be made available.  This orientation is updated by NCAHEC annually.

7.  Criminal Background Check (CBC) are required and WILL NOT be completed by RN-BSN students until 30 days prior to the beginning of the summer semester.  Appalachian State University is contracted with CastleBranch for the CBC and Drug Screen.  Test from other vendors will not be accepted.   The CBC will include the following:  7 year search based on Social Security Number, Name, and Address history to include:

  • State and nationwide Criminal background record check
  • National sex offender registry check
  • Office of the Inspector General/Healthcare Fraud and Abuse check

8.  Urine Drug Screen (DS).  A negative Urine Drug Screen test is required and WILL NOT be completed by RN-BSN students until 30 days prior to the beginning of the summer semester.  Appalachian State University is contracted with CastleBranch for the CBC and Drug Screen.  Test from other vendors will not be accepted. The DS will include:

  • AMP amphetamine                         BAR barbiturates
  • BZP benzodiazepines                     COC cocaine
  • MTD methadone                             METH methamphetamines
  • MDMA ecstasy                                  OPI opiates
  • OXY oxycodone                                PCP phencyclidine
  • PPX propoxyphene                         THC marijuana