Students in all programs are assigned an advisor when they are admitted to Appalachian State University. In both the RN to BSN program and the BSN pre-licensure baccalaureate program, faculty in the Nursing Department do not advise students until they are admitted to the program. Once admitted, faculty interact with students and are available via appointments or during virtual office hours.

In the MSN program, the Program Director will serve as the advisor for all enrolled students. Also, students will be assigned a thesis or project chairperson upon entering the education courses.

Advising for students who attend App State, however, are not yet in the nursing program are advised by University College Academic Advising Center.

Students who have not been admitted to the program AND also are not students at App State but who are just considering the program should begin by going to our equivalency database to find course transfer information for specific schools. Contact Transfer Admissions & Engagement for additional information on transferring courses.

Advice for Applicants

Students not selected for admission to the BSN Program are encouraged to consider re-applying the next year. It is advisable to have a back-up plan in case you are not admitted to the program. Applicants are encouraged to consider a double major or minor in a social science such as psychology, sociology, or foreign language. It is also prudent to take additional classes such as child development, nutrition, healthcare management, or other health-related classes.

Students who decide to pursue other options such as a community college ADN nursing program may consider applying for our RN-BSN online program after graduation.

Current pass rates for the licensing exam can be found at the North Carolina Board of Nursing.