The mission of the BSN program at Appalachian State University is to advance our students' cultural, intellectual, and personal  development in order to prepare them for professional practice as registered nurses. This mission is achieved through the efforts of faculty committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. A broad, in-depth curriculum is provided built on the study of arts, humanities, mathematics, natural and social sciences, and standards for professional nursing practice. Graduates serve their community by applying research and principles of education in their practice of nursing.


The goals of the BSN program are to:

  1. Provide a quality program in nursing based on a liberal education and professional nursing values, competencies, and knowledge.
  2. Facilitate the development and implementation of professional nursing roles in caring for individuals, families, groups, and communities from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds through the application of knowledge, theory, and research from nursing as well as other related disciplines.
  3. Instill in students an appreciation for and commitment to lifelong learning, scholarship, and service in order to promote their personal growth, advance the profession of nursing, and meet the health needs of society.
  4. Prepare nurses who can practice as generalists in any health care setting.
  5. Provide a foundation for graduate nursing education.